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These are my configuration files, mostly home directory dot-files. This is organized for my personal use, but perhaps others will also find this interesting.


These configuration files can be installed using the provided simple-setup scripts, but this isn’t necessary.


To install “globally visible” configurations, run setup.bash. These can then subsequently be referenced from per-user configurations.

To install certain $HOME directory configurations, run setup-yang.bash -p ~.

To install default bash/emacs/vim configurations, run setup-defaults.bash -p ~. These are separate because I too often need custom bash/emacs/vim configurations (refer to the default.* files to see how to source the globally installed configurations).

To set up the author’s topcoder environment, run src/topcoder/setup.bash.

To set up a new environment to the author’s liking, run bootstrap.bash (local|global). Ideally, this is all the author will need to run to have the basics (shell-tools and configs) set up.


I’ll try to jot down noteworthy features here as I think of them.




Software Configurations is released under the GNU GPL3.


Copyright 2008 Yang Zhang.
All rights reserved.

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