Parallel Hash-Join

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This is a simple implementation of parallel hash joins. I’m using this as a first step in studying the performance problems in multicore systems programming. This implementation is tailored for a particular dataset, the IMDB movies.list and actresses.list files, which may be found at here.

To learn more about this algorithm, have a look at Multiprocessor Hash-Based Join Algorithms. In short:


Here are some results.



C++ Commons is a utility library I maintain; you’ll need to make it visible to hash-join:

$ svn --quiet co cpp-commons
$ svn --quiet co hash-join
$ ln -s "$PWD/cpp-commons/src/commons" hash-join/src/
$ cd hash-join/src/
$ CPATH="$PWD" make hashjoin-opt
$ out/hashjoin-opt 16 $MOVIEDATA/{movies,actresses}.dat

Supporting Tools

DbPrep filters the .list files to prepare them to be parsed by the hash join. This can additionally inflate the dataset size while maintaining roughly the same join-selectivity of the original dataset. I have also prepared some datasets available for your use.

LogProc processes stdout concatenated from multiple runs of the program. This will produce the time and speedup plots illustrating the scalability of the system. This has actually been made into a generic tool and will be moved to a utility project later.

Titles extracts the titles from the output of DbPrep on movies.list.

These tools all depend on the Scala Commons.

I used HashDist to experiment with the chaining of various hash functions on this dataset and to observe the resulting distributions.


Parallel Hash-Join is released under the GNU GPL3.


Copyright 2008 Yang Zhang.
All rights reserved.

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