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This is a simple, general filter plugin for WordPress. You specify a mapping from tags to commands, such as:

$tag2cmd = array('pandoc' => '/usr/bin/pandoc -S --tab-stop=2');

Then, for any posts which start with a shebang line containing that tag, as in:

Hello, world.

the plugin will feed the post contents (minus the shebang line) to the mapped command’s stdin, and return the rendered output to WordPress for display.

This plugin was designed to allow me to start using Pandoc for writing my blog posts. (I couldn’t force myself to use the PHP Markdown Extras plugin.)

It disables the wpautop filter, which automatically inserts <p> tags (among other magic), because that filter cannot properly parse the style of HTML that Pandoc outputs.


Drop easyfilt.php into your wp-content/plugins/ directory, then activate the plugin from the admin interface.

The author of PHP Markdown Extras wrote an informative blog post describing problems he had getting his filter to work properly and co-exist with the other built-in filters.


version 0.2, 2008–10–23

version 0.1, 2008–10–22


WordPress EasyFilter is released under the GNU GPL3.


Copyright 2008 Yang Zhang.
All rights reserved.

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